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Thorough Building & Pest Inspections in Rutherglen, Albury, Wodonga, and the Surrounds.

We don’t just meet the requirements of an inspection under the Australian Standards. Our team goes above and beyond. 

Pianto’s Pest Control specialises in termite management, and our pest inspections are a part of our speciality.

We take the hassle out or organising a pest inspection. Our admin team can organise a qualified builder to conduct your building inspection to complete our specialist approach and liaise with the agent to book a time on your behalf.

Building & Pest Inspections

Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection

If you’re looking to buy a home, getting a professional pest controller who works with termites all year round to do your inspections is a good idea. A building & pest inspector may only be licensed for inspections only. 

You’ll get a same day report which also describes any rot, borers, water leaks, and conditions that can attract termites. Our reports are fully comprehensive and thorough.

We arrange for a licensed builder to accompany us to the job, so you receive a fully competent building and pest inspection report.

Regular Termite Inspection

Unfortunately, by the time most people find termites in their house, it’s after the damage has become obvious. When this happens, there is often much more structural damage concealed beneath the surface. Early detection of termites is key to effective termite control. We are trained to find concealed termite activity.

We don’t just look for termites. You will receive a thorough, comprehensive report that includes information about how you can reduce your risk of termite attack. 

Building Inspection

We don’t believe that any one inspector can specialise in both building inspections and pest inspections. An inspector’s licence is not enough to get a thorough report. 

Our company arranges on your behalf for a trusted building inspector who is also a licensed builder to accompany us to your pre-purchase inspection. He will provide a separate report

We have over 25 years experience working with termites and we’d expect our building inspector to have the same experience with construction. That’s why we prefer to work with a qualified builder, rather than obtain our building inspector’s licence. We trust The Building Investigator to do a thorough job. Together, we provide a complete specialist building and pest inspection.

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