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Pre-purchase inspection in Albury, Wodonga & Rutherglen

All purchasers should obtain a pre-purchase inspection (building and pest) before signing a contract. Our company uses the latest inspection technology including moisture, motion detection (radar), and a thermal imaging camera.

Specialist pre-purchase inspection

When you’re deciding who to get for your pre-purchase inspection, you have two options: an inspector or a specialistIt’s almost impossible to find an inspector who specialises in both building inspections and pest inspections. 

That’s why we don’t do building inspections. We wouldn’t get a plumber to do our electrical work either.

Our company has specialised in termite control in our local area for over 25 years. We know our local termites species very well, and we know their behaviour.

Alan Streeter from The Building Investigator has been a self-employed builder in the local area for over 30 years (Streetal Pty. Ltd.). He is actively engaged in the construction of new houses in our region. 

We always attend the pre-purchase inspection together and both submit our reports to you on the same day as the inspection.

building and pest inspection albury wodonga rutherglen
The Building Investigator

Motion detection (radar)

We use the Termatrac T3i motion detection device. It can be the best way to find active termites. It’s also used by us to double-check areas of high moisture. When we can’t find movement in a wet spot, we recommend an invasive inspection by a plumber.

We are accredited users of this device. They are used in almost every on of our pre-purchase inspections.

termatrac t3i used in our termite inspection
Termatrac T3i device showing termite movement.

Thermal imaging cameras in our pre-purchase inspection

We use a Flir thermal imaging camera to search for termites. It is also useful for finding water leaks. 

Thermal imaging cameras have limitations if used without other devices in a pre-purchase inspection. We use them in combination with other tools, as required by the Australian Standard.

Thermal imaging cameras are not x-ray cameras – they only detect surface temperature. This can be affected by air conditioners, water leaks, etc., which limits their use in finding termites in difficult conditions. We use it as a supplementary tool only.

These images were taken with our Flir C3 thermal camera.

thermal camera before
thermal camera after
Thermal camera showing a termite sub-nest (yellow). There is also a water leak in the top-right (blue)

We exceed the minimum pre-purchase inspection requirements

All pre-purchase inspections are required to conform to the Australian Standard 4349.3. Most inspectors will meet this minimum requirement.

We choose to exceed this standard for our pre-purchase inspection. Our company doesn’t do check-box reports. We take the time to provide more information as part of our duty of care. 

termite inspection report

Frequently Asked Questions

An inspection of a standard 3-4 bedroom house on a concrete slab should take between 1h 15m and 1h 30m.

More time is required if there is difficulty accessing areas, or if the floor is a suspended floor. 

  • A description of the building and any access restrictions.
  • Termite findings including active termites, termite nests, and any existing inactive termite damage.
  • Description of any termite barriers currently installed.
  • Timber borers,
  • Timber fungal decay (rot)
  • Safety hazards associated with termite damage, borer damage, or rot.
  • Water leaks.
  • Moisture readings.
  • Drainage and subfloor ventilation.
  • Mould growth.
  • Assessment of structural timbers exposed to weather.
  • Conditions that could attract termites to the area.
  • Inspection of ant caps and other termite barriers.
  • Recommendations to reduce your risk of termite attack.

If the real estate agent and the homeowner or tenant is agreeable, you are more than welcome to attend.

We can answer any questions you may have while on site. 

We try to send all of our pre-purchase inspection reports on the same day as the inspection.

You will have your report within 24 hours. 

  • You can call us on 02 6032 7137 to book it in. We can call the building inspector, the agent, and the homeowner/tenant and book it in on your behalf.
  • Call the agent and ask them to arrange a time with Us.
  • You can call The Building Investigator and ask Alan to arrange a time with Us.
  • Ask your building inspector to arrange it with Us.

An inspection to Australian Standards is only a description of the building at the time of inspection.

It does not guarantee that termites will not enter the building at any time after the inspection.

An inspection is intended to catch termites early before damage becomes extensive, and while the termite colony is hopefully young and easy to treat.

In order to protect your house from termites, you should consider a preventative termite treatment.

Thermal imaging cameras have significant limitations:

  • Contrary to popular belief, they are not x-ray cameras. They only pick up surface temperature.
  • They are less effective if the air conditioner is on.
  • They are less effective at picking up termite activity in summer, when the ambient temperature is hot.
  • They are less effective when photographing glossy or reflective surfaces.

We find thermal cameras useful as a part of a full inspection, but do not rely on them entirely. They do not replace the need for a full termite inspection with moisture detection.

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