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Ants: nuisance ant control in Albury, Wodonga & Rutherglen

Using products from the supermarket or hardware store to spray ants rarely gets results. The best chemistry is only available to professional pest controllers. 

We use a combination of different chemistries to solve your ant problem within 48 hours.

Our two-part treatment for ants

Black Ants Exterminate Pest Spray

Why most bug sprays don't work well on ants

We get a lot of calls from frustrated homeowners who have tried everything to get rid of ants. Common home treatments include supermarket/hardware store chemicals. There are also a number of home remedies that have some minor success. 

The problem with these products is a lack of understanding about how Australian ant species behave. Ants can detect cheaper consumer-grade chemicals. They are irritated by them and they avoid the sprayed areas. They leave pheromone marks for others to avoid the sprayed area. You might end up chasing them all over your property as they navigate around sprayed areas and find other ways into your home. 

How we get rid of ants

Our ant treatment consists of liquid bait and an ant spray. We use non-repellent products that the ants can’t detect. They continue to travel through treated areas and build up a lethal dose. 

Because the chemistry doesn’t act straight away, ants transfer the product through the colony as they feed and groom one another. 

We get rid of your ants in less than 48 hours

Formulated bait

We place a liquid bait close to existing ant trail so they find it quickly. 

The bait contains either a sugar-based attractant or a protein/oil-based attractant. Which one we use depends on the species that you have. 

They take the bait back to the nest and feed each other with it. The bait doesn’t take effect straight away, so a lot of ants get fed with the bait. 

Liquid bait being eaten by black ants

Spray for ants

In most cases, the bait is enough to kill most colonies, if the nest is close enough. We also do a preventative ant spray using professional products.

We use the same active ingredient as the bait in the spray. This maximises transfer of the product and speeds up the treatment.

Safe, eco-friendly ant treatment

eco friendly pest control

Cheap, cost-cutting pesticides can be mixed with nasty solvents and low-quality constituents that can harm the environment. Hardware store pesticides can be even worse. 

Our company uses high-quality ‘research & development’ chemistry in our treatments for ants. We use an environmentally-friendly product, which is not mixed with harmful solvents. 

We use Termidor in our outside spray for ants. This product can be very dangerous if used improperly. That’s why we use targeted application to ensure that bees and other beneficial pests don’t come into contact with the sprayed area.

We use Seclira in our inside spray. It is non-staining, colourless, and odourless and completely safe when used by a professional pest controller. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Termidor and Seclira are non-repellent insecticides.

They are very safe for humans and other mammals. But if they are used improperly, they can cause a large environmental impact

For the same reason they are great on ants and termites, they are also very effective at killing bee colonies (the non-repellent transfer effect). So incorrect use by an untrained person could lead to a big impact on bee populations. 

Although hardware store or supermarket chemicals pose more of a risk for the user, they’re actually better for the environment as a whole for non-trained persons to use. This is because accidental over-spray or improper use doesn’t have the same effect on bees.

If we do the combination of a bait and spray treatment, they will be gone within 48 hours.

This is only if you don’t use other products to spray them yourself. 

Household sprays repel ants and can interfere with our chemistry. If you’ve sprayed them yourself before we come, it might take a few days longer to get rid of your ants. 

With ants, this is difficult to answer. 

They can come from all over to start new colonies in your yard. Once the residual effect of the spray for ants has gone, they can come right back in and start up a new nest.

Some of our clients prefer year-round ant control, and get their property sprayed for ants once per year at the end of Spring. This normally gets you through summer with few to no creepy crawlies.

Yes, but it is less effective. 

That’s because the spray for spiders is a repellent spray. Though this is great on spiders, it does interfere with the ant treatment.

It’s normally better to wait two weeks between treatments to get best results. It doesn’t matter which one is done first.

That said, if you want to save money on an extra call-out fee, we’re happy to do both treatments at the same time.

Don’t spray them with household sprays or hardware store chemicals. 

This interferes with a proper treatment. It can make it harder for us and more expensive for you.

Call us for advice before you any spraying. 

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