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Bug Spray: Other Household Pest Treatment in Albury, Wodonga & Rutherglen

Pianto’s Pest Control cover a wide range of household pests, and can do a bug spray for most of the common insects and bugs around your home. 

Treatments include mosquitoes, earwigs, crickets, silverfish, flies, millipedes, carpet beetles, clothes moths, stored product pests, bed bugs, food and textile pests, springtails, slaters/pill bugs, and many other household bugs and insects. If you don’t see a pest listed here, please contact us for more information. 

Professional Bug Spray for a Wide Range of Household Pests

Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are extremely difficult to control without access to professional chemistry and procedures.

Modern bed bugs are resistant to most common insecticides on the market. They require a combination of physical removal, heat treatment, exclusion and quarantine, and at least two professional bed bug sprays. 

Pest Managers conduct treatments according to the AEPMA Code of Practice for Control of Bed Bugs. We are specially trained in this pest. 

There are many bugs that you can treat yourself, but bed bugs are not one of them. You should call a professional immediately if you see them. If you try to treat them yourself, you could make the problem worse and cause them to disperse throughout your house. 


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Pianto’s Pest Control have the right misting equipment to conduct a full mosquito spray of your yards and house. Most of our mosquito jobs are for those who have an event coming up and they want their guests to be comfortable. 

With mosquito treatments, it’s more about reduction in numbers than full control. Mosquitoes come from all over and they may not rest on a treated surface before landing on you. Please take this into account when you engage us to do a mosquito spray.


insect spray - get rid of creepy crawlies

Earwigs can do a lot of damage to your veggie garden and can annoy pets. Sometimes the conditions are right for them to build up in large numbers. 

Household chemicals do keep their numbers down, but only licenced pest controllers can access the non-repellent chemistry to really get rid of earwigs. It’s more than just a standard bug spray, if you want to get rid of them properly.


Like earwigs, crickets are difficult to control with household chemicals. We have access to the professional, safe chemistry that is designed to eliminate these crawling insects. 

Our spray is non-repellent, so the crickets don’t move away from the sprayed area. They continue to crawl through it and pass it onto each other. 

An annual spider spray can keep their numbers down. But a professional spray for crickets is the best way to get rid of them. Ask us to add crickets to your service if you want targeted control. 

Carpet beetles

carpet beetles treatment pest controller

Carpet beetles eat wool fabrics, dead insects, and sometimes textiles. They can be very easy to bring into the house on cut flowers, or if you leave your doors and windows open a lot. 

About half of rentals we enter have signs of carpet beetles. They’re much more common than you may think. Moreover, not too many people get down into their carpet with a magnifying glass – you might be surprised.

A carpet beetle treatment involves a thorough vacuum of the carpeted areas and furniture. It’s best if we do this, but we have a dedicated bug vacuum cleaner that we can lend you if you choose to do it yourself.

Finally, a safe, environmentally-friendly product is sprayed into the carpet and inside furniture. However, sometimes two treatments is required, but most small infestations can be done with one treatment. 

Safe, eco-friendly bug/pest spray

Eco friendly pest control graphic.

Cheap, cost-cutting professional pesticides can be mixed with nasty solvents and low-quality chemicals that can harm the environment and your health. Hardware store pesticides can be even worse. 

Pianto’s Pest Control uses high-quality ‘research & development’ chemistry in our bug sprays. We use an environmentally-friendly product, which is not mixed with harmful solvents. Our team prefer suspension concentrates to emulsions, as emulsion concentrates are normally mixed with harmful hydrocarbons. 

We select the appropriate chemistry for each household pest that we treat. Every pest is different, and we try to avoid broad spectrum insecticide use. Furthermore, when we do a bug spray, it’s a targeted treatment designed to minimise the impact on the environment, while still being effective. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Pest managers will need to identify the bug that you have before we can perform a treatment. We can come around and identify the type of bug that you have at no cost to you. We provide free quotes.

A random spray for unidentified bugs is against the law. The Australian Pesticides Act 1999 prevents us from using chemicals against label instructions, or for a pest that it’s not registered for.

If a product is not registered for a certain pest, we can’t use it. And there is no ‘unidentified bug’ on any pesticide labels. 

Our spray for spiders could be considered a spray for general pests. 

It normally slows down a lot of the bugs listed above, including: mosquitoes, flies, crickets, garden cockroaches, earwigs, carpet beetles, etc.

However, only a treatment targeted for each pest is truly effective

A lot of our clients get an annual spider spray and notice a big reduction in many other household pests. 

It’s also common to get a spider spray done first, and if it doesn’t slow down the other pests, we can talk about an additional bug spray afterwards. 

Pianto’s Pest Control operates throughout the Indigo, Towong, Wodonga, Albury, Greater Hume and Federation Shire areas including but not limited to:

  • General insect sprays in Albury, Lavington, Springdale Heights, Thurgoona, Table Top, Ettamogah, Jindera, Gerogery, and Culcairn.
  • Bug sprays in Wodonga, Leneva, Baranduda, Bandana.
  • Pest treatments in Bellbridge, Tallangatta, Huon, Bethanga, Bonegilla, Ebden, Talgarno, Charleroi, Eskdale, Kergunyah, and Dederang.
  • General bug spray in Beechworth, Wooragee, Yackandandah, Stanley, Indigo Valley, and Wangaratta.
  • Pest sprays in Springhurst, Chiltern, Lilliput, Barnawartha, Browns Plains, Boorhaman, and Norong.
  • General pest sprays in Rutherglen, Corowa, Wahgunyah, Carlyle, Hopefield, Redlands, Balldale, Lowesdale, Ringwood, and Collendina.
  • Bug spray in Yarrawonga, Mulwala, Rennie, Berrigan, Darlington Point, Jerilderie, Finley, and Burrumbuttock.

If you see a town not listed but nearby please still enquire.

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