rodents (rats and mice)​

Gutter Guard Installation in Albury, Wodonga & Rutherglen

The most common entry point for rats is over the tops of gutters. A quality gutter guard product is the best way to do rodent proofing of your roof.

We install the Leaf Stopper Gutter Guard system, a high-quality product that is rated for rodents.

Your Local Gutter Guard Installer in Albury, Wodonga and Rutherglen

Gutter guard installed in albury stopping leaves
Gutter guard installed on a house in Albury.
Leaf stopper in wodonga on a tile roof
This property in Wodonga is protected from rats entering over the gutters.

A good quality gutter guard product can stop rodents from getting in your roof permanently. With good ongoing maintenance, it can also extend the life of your gutters.

Our field team are competent installers of the Leaf Stopper product, which is a high-quality system that protects your gutters for the long term. 

What are the Benefits of Installing Gutter Guard?

There are many benefits of protecting your gutters with gutter guard:

  • It’s a great form of non-chemical rodent control and stops rats from getting in your roof over the top of your gutters.
  • Closing off rodent entry points reduces the need to use rodent baits, so it’s a good form of environmentally-friendly rodent control.
  • Gutter guard products stop leaves from getting in your gutters, reducing the need to clean them.
  • With regular maintenance, gutter guard products can prevent rusting and extend the life of your gutters.
  • Leaf Stopper can be colour-matched to your gutter and roof colour to help it blend in and look good. 
Two installers installing in Albury NSW
Our team is experienced in the Leaf Stopper gutter guard system. This one was installed in Albury NSW.

Rodent proofing with a gutter guard is a better way than baiting of controlling rats around your home. It solves your problem for the long term, without using poisons. 

Stopping Rodents Getting In the Environmentally-Friendly Way

Gutters are one the main entry points that allow rodents to gain entry into your home.

Gutter guard is a great way of controlling rats without the need of chemicals.

By discouraging rats from climbing over your gutters and into your roof with gutter guard, it reduces the amount of baiting required. In some cases, it can even eliminate the need for rodent baiting altogether.

Gutter Guard is an effective and environmentally-friendly way of controlling and preventing rats and mice from entering your home.

Examples of Our Gutter Guard Installations

Have a look at the images below for some examples of how we’ve solved mouse and rat problems for our clients in the past using gutter protection.

Leaf Stopper can be installed on corrugated Colorbond roofs. It requires the use of ‘saddles’ to attach it to the corrugations, which are colour-matched to the roof. 

Gutter guard in rutherglen installed on a garage
Colorbond gutter guard installed in Wodonga.
gutter guard for rodent proofing in rutherglen
Added bonus: stops leaves getting in your gutters.

Tile roofs can also be protected with Leaf Stopper. The mesh is simply inserted under the second row of tiles, so it can be easily removed without leaving holes. 

leaf stopper installed in wodonga
Leaf Stopper installed in Albury on a tile roof.
view of the front of a house in wodonga with gutter guard installed
The colours are matched to blend in with the tile and gutter colours.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Guard

Please arrange to have your gutters cleaned. You can do this yourself, but it’s safer to have a plumber or gutter cleaner do it for you.

We will remove large debris from the gutters if we can, but we do not perform a full gutter clean before installing the gutter guard. 

Leaf Stopper is available in most of the classic Colorbond colours. We are able to match the colour of your roof and gutters.

Some colours are not available to us, but we can get as close as possible. 

We do not install gutter guard on houses with two storeys or split level. 

It’s just a bit beyond our risk management capabilities. But you can contact any local plumber, who will have the scaffolding and harnesses to do it safely. 

We only need to slide the tiles up out of the way. If we need to remove tiles, we will normally recommend that you get a quote from a roof plumber instead. But this doesn’t have to happen very often. 

Yes, and they will do it even better!

Without leaves and large debris blocking them all the time, the water will drain away more effectively.

You will still need to hose your gutters regularly to remove silt and fine particles.

You can arrange for a gutter cleaner or plumber to hose them from the roof, or you can buy a gutter hose attachment so you can do it from the ground. 

Hose your gutters towards your downpipes to flush the silt into them, keeping your gutters clean. 

Aside from the aforementioned benefits above.

Unprotected gutters can provide entry points for mice, rats, possums and birds in your roof space.

These pests can cause serious damage while seeking our food. Some examples include:

  • Rodents often damage insulation, wiring, and ducting while searching for food.
  • Rodent droppings and dander can aggravate existing allergies and asthma.
  • Birds will often create nests inside of gutters which can lead to blockages and leaks.

Gutter Guard is a great way to prevent pests from entering your roof void. The fine mesh allows for proper drainage while prevent access to those unwanted pests and keeping the gutters clear from leaves.

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