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Rodents and rodent control in Albury, Wodonga & Rutherglen

Rodents (rats & mice) co-exist with humans all over the world. They reproduce quickly and they’re adept at entering small spaces to hide out of site. They also spread diseases and can do damage to your furniture and stored goods. They can even damage electrical wiring.

Rodent control is more than just throwing rodent bait around. A professional understands the nesting and feeding habits of the different species of rats and mice in Australia. We adjust our baiting plans to suit each different species. This achieves more effective rodent control in a short time frame. 

Rodents - our process

Rodents Rats Mice Pest Control

1. Thorough inspection for rodents

We inspect for rodents in the following areas:

  • In crawl spaces
  • In storage areas
  • In the roof
  • In sheds and garages
  • In living areas
Signs of rodents we look for:
  • We use a UV light to find urine marks
  • Grease marks on frequent travel areas (see photo below)
  • Nesting behaviour (see photo below)
  • Droppings
  • Signs of gnawing on timber and wiring

We need to know the extent of the rodent infestation. It helps us target our rodent baiting program to eliminate the mice or rats as quickly as possible. 

Inspecting and planning our baiting carefully also limits our impact on the environment because we can do the same job with less bait.

rodents inspection rats and mice in heater
Concealed mice nest area inside a central gas heating unit - found during a thorough rodent inspection by removing the heater cover. Click image to enlarge.
mouse rat run showing grease marks
A mouse 'run' showing grease marks. This is one of the things we look for in roof voids when we search for where to place our rodent baits. Click image to enlarge.

2. Targeted baiting of rodents

We place our rodent baits in targeted areas. Baits are placed in high rodent traffic areas identified during an inspection. 

Our baits are placed in tamper-proof bait stations to prevent access by children, pets, and wildlife

We use single-feed rodent bait which doesn’t need much to take effect. Rats and mice only need to feed once and they will shortly be affected by the bait. This limits the amount of bait that builds up in their system, so if your cat or dog catches a rat or mouse, it won’t make them sick.

rodent bait station placement in a roof
Rodent bait placement directly in front of the mouse run shown above. Careful placement increases the amount of feeding and the speed of rodent control. Click image to enlarge.

3. Monitoring

If you choose, we can monitor the rodents baits on a regular schedule to track activity and effectiveness of the treatment.

This involves checking the rat and mouse bait stations on a regular basis. We check baits for signs of activity and record the results. Results are written directly in the station itself, so another pest controller in the future also knows the treatment history.

This is highly effective in commercial rodent control, where we can gather statistics and adjust our baiting plan.

mouse rat bait monitoring
Rodent monitoring helps to keep records of how much bait is used, and how high the rodent activity is.

Safe, environmentally friendly rodent control

eco friendly pest control

Using a quality bait product

We use a professional, high quality bait. The rodent bait we use is Talon XT Pro. It  is a single-feed rodent bait. Rats and mice only need to feed once to receive an effective dose. Talon needs less bait to achieve results.

This means that secondary poisoning is minimised, so your pets and other wildlife are safe if they capture an affected rodent. 

Tamper-proof, lockable rodent bait station

We’ve used Bell Bait Stations in our work for a long time. They’re lockable, tamper-proof, and rugged. They last for ages and are the premium professional quality product in the pest control industry. They’re made from thick and strong plastic, suited for tough situations. 

Using Bell stations eliminates the possibility of accidentally baiting off-target animals including endangered species. This is very important in roof voids, which are commonly inhabited by possums.

Targeted baiting for rodents

We don’t just throw bait blocks in a roof. The risk of off-target species baiting is too high, and it is a risk to your pets, wildlife, and children.

During our inspection for rodents, we identify the highest rodent traffic areas and place our bait in locked stations so that they are only accessible to the target rats or mice. 

We do not use glue boards for rodents

Glue boards are inhumane and cause extreme distress to stuck rodents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We use locked bait stations to keep the bait away from your pets.

We also never place the baits out in the open – we always place them behind furniture and in enclosed spaces. This keeps the baits away from inquisitive pets.

The bait we use is a single-feed product. Rodents don’t need to eat a lot of it for it to take effect, so there is less in their system to pass onto a cat or dog who finds the affected rodent.

That’s a difficult question to answer. It depends on the rodents you have and your particular situation.

Mice are more adventurous and will investigate new things readily. They will consume the bait earlier than rats and be affected sooner.

Rats are neophobic – afraid of new things – and will not take the bait straight away. It can take up to two weeks before they take the bait.

It also depends on your situation, such as where you live or the construction of your house.

If you live in a residential area, the result will be quicker.

If you live on a farm, rodents could be coming a long way to enter your house. You could have 

The bait has a dehydrating effect on rodents.

The idea is that rodents should hopefully go outside in search for water and die out there. This doesn’t always happen, and sometimes they may die in your roof.

If this happens, we offer removal services. If we can’t locate the body, we deploy deodoriser bags in the roof space, which eliminate the odour.

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