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Spider spray in Albury, Wodonga & Rutherglen

Long-lasting control of spiders and general pests on your property. An annual spider spray can keep you free from spiders all year round and protect your family from spider bites.

What our spider spray involves

Our standard package

pest control spider spray

Our standard package includes a spider spray of the following areas:

  • Inside the house
  • The roof void
  • The building exterior
  • The garage
  • Sheds
  • Fences
  • The clothesline
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Any other structures on the property.

Other options

We’re happy to add any extra areas or remove any areas from our standard spider spray. 

Just ask us over the phone where you would like us to spray (or not spray) and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Optional extras may include:

  • The subfloor
  • Cupboards
  • Granny flats/bungalows
  • Etc.

Safe, environmentally friendly spider spray

eco friendly pest control

Cheap, cost-cutting pesticides can be mixed with nasty solvents and low-quality constituents that can harm the environment. Hardware store pesticides can be even worse. 

We use high-quality ‘research & development’ chemistry in our spider spray. We use an environmentally-friendly product, which is not mixed with harmful solvents. 

The product we use is a natural insecticide, formulated to get the best results while limiting harm to the environment. Biflex is among the safest professional chemistry for use in the pest control industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

A spider spray of a standard 3-4 bedroom house should take around an hour to complete the standard package described above.

The residual of the spray should last between 9 and 10 months. 

If you get your house sprayed for spiders every year, you will normally see the effects for the entire year.

You may see a few baby spiders start to come back around the time your annual spray. If you want no spiders all year round, you may consider having a spray every six months.

  • Please shut all windows and windows and doors to prevent air crossflow and drift during spraying. 
  • If possible, please move furniture and stored goods (kids toys in particular) off internal and external walls so that we can spray behind them.
  • Notify us if you have any pets and make arrangements for them. Most of the time we can work around pets, but sometimes puppies can be difficult. 
  • Notify us in particular if you have fish or crustaceans such as yabbies, which are affected more by the chemistry of our spray.
  • Let us know if you are leaving the property or staying around. If you are staying, you will need to be outside the house until the spray dries. 
  • Please leave your clothesline free of clothes. 
  • Put any food and clean dishes away in cupboards.
  • Wash out pet food and water bowls.
  • Wipe your bench and table with soapy water before cooking or eating.
  • Try not to wash your windows for at least 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Don’t pressure-wash walls or paths near the house. It will remove the residual.

Notify us when you book us in for the spider spray. Even if we have sprayed your place before – we may have forgot.

We can work around your pets, but it is often easier if you are able to remove them during treatment. 

If you have an inside-only pet, we normally lock it in one room and let it out after we are finished, then finish off that room. 

Only until the spray dries. This is normally 1.5 to 2 hours in the summer and 3-4 hours in the winter. 

You are welcome to stay during the treatment, but you will have to wait outside until the spray dries.

If you are opting for an outside spray only, you are welcome to stay inside. 

A spider spray can be done any time of the year. However, we believe you get more value out of a spider spray if it is done at the start of spring.

If you get it done during spring, the residual effect of the chemistry will affect new emerging spiderlings more strongly and you’ll interrupt the life cycle of the spiders before they establish themselves.

Yes, we have a reminder list. We send our our reminders a month before the spray is due to give you time to book it in. 

It’s the same when you go for an x-ray and the radiologist stands behind a lead-lined screen. A small amount is completely safe for you, but high exposure over a long period can be unhealthy.

Although the chemistry we use is low-toxicity, we are exposed to it for many hours a day, all year round. We take our safety very seriously. We actually wear more PPE than is required by the label for Biflex just to be safe. 

Normally most clients notice a reduction in insects such as earwigs, crickets, and millipedes

However, if you want these to be controlled directly, it’s better to arrange for us to do a targeted treatment.

Ants are not normally controlled by a spray for spiders. This is because the chemistry in these treatments is completely different.


The chemistry we use is plant-based and has no herbicidal effect.

We don’t use solvent-based cheap chemicals, so there should be no leaf burn either.

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